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"The Goodeys" app - how it works

Send via "Share menu"
Tap on a goodey of your choice.

The "Share menu" opens.

Select which chat application you would like to use to send the Goodey.

WhatsApp sticker packs
Some categories and sports teams can be added to WhatsApp as stickers.

Add a category or a "The Goodeys Sport Team" package to WhatsApp using the "Add to WhatsApp" button.

Open a WhatsApp chat and tap the emoji button.

Tap the sticker button below.

If you want to delete the installed sticker package from WhatsApp, tap the "Remove" button on WhatsApp and confirm your selection.

If you uninstall the app from your device, all sticker packages on WhatsApp will be deleted.


Why am I getting stickers and not emojis?
The emojis that you send via this app do not work in the same way as the standard emojis that are preinstalled on the end devices.
Since the Goodeys are not pre-stored on all devices, they must be sent as stickers to ensure that they can be sent and received by everyone.

Why can't all categories and sports teams be added to WhatsApp?
The app is constantly being improved and expanded by Up! Graphix. Many more categories, sticker packages and sports teams will be added, which can then also be added to WhatsApp as stickers.

Why can't I find my favorite team in the Sport Teams?
Up! Graphix is ‚Äč‚Äčconstantly adding new teams to the sport teams. If you would like your favorite team in this app, contact the responsible persons at your favorite club and ask them to contact us via this app or the website www.upgraphix.com.

Not working properly?
Please update your WhatsApp version from the Play Store.

If WhatsApp doesn't add the sticker pack, just restart the app and try again. This is a common problem with WhatsApp.

If the sticker packs are not displayed correctly on WhatsApp, remove them under "My Stickers" on WhatsApp and add them again via the app. This is a common problem with WhatsApp.
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