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Get the app on your mobile phone or tablet!
  • Get the free app for your sports team and your emojis & categories for your daily chats
  • The first app with emojis for professional and amateur sports clubs and national teams
  • Great emojis for your daily chats and many exciting categories such as sports, vacation, music, at work, at the doctor, motorized and much more
  • Add your team and other categories to WhatsApp as a sticker pack
  • Over 2000 emojis for any chat application, anytime, anywhere
  • Choose your favorite team and chat with your friends - before, during and after your team's games
  • Long-awaited and new motifs such as packing your suitcase, occupying a sun lounger, riding a motorcycle and much more are finally available
  • Celebrate special occasions like Christmas and birthdays with the expressive Goodeys and surprise your friends and family
The Goodeys app offers you a large collection of stickers for WhatsApp and all other chat apps. Send stickers to all chat apps with a single touch of a button or add them to WhatsApp as sticker packs.

The sports teams and all categories and sticker packages are continuously expanded.
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